SEPT 2023


Interview de Rachid OULAD AKDIM, VP & General Manager of EMEA, Wiseasy

Rachid OULAD AKDIM, VP & General Manager of EMEA, Wiseasy

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Discover the interview of Rachid OULAD AKDIM, VP & General Manager of EMEA at Wiseasy

In the current context, what are the main news, trends, and innovations in your market or sector?

In the wake of pandemic, the world is facing a big disruption ever in the history of

retail, retailers are facing the consumer changes and way of spending. It is a natural inclination and an inevitable trend that customers are more favorable of shopping online and at the same time promoting E-commerce in unprecedented way.

Nonetheless, the traditional retailer also got caught in a dilemma of transforming business type and realizing customer acquisition.

Under this new normal, contactless payment and other new means of payments are becoming increasing vital to optimize the users experience and increase revenue evenly. When looking into the future of payments, we are glad to see that more ways of payments and innovative technologies like buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) services, Artificial intelligence using Big Data, Augmented reality by proposing try now buy later, are expected and accepted by people and listening to the voice of retail can be our compass in our journey ahead.

What are the characteristics of your solution and who is it for?

As a global digital banking and payment builder specializing in smart financial terminals and payment technology services, Wiseasy Group is dedicated to promoting the continuous development and popularization of digital banking and payment technologies worldwide. By providing one-stop “Cloud + Software + Terminals” solutions based on advanced technical system and network facilities.

Our solution is designed for retailers who want to provide sate of art services to their customers by optimizing the customer journey with a cost-effective offer.

This year, more particularly again, what will the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

The world has gone through a very difficult period of pandemic and the retail sector is going through a massive transition.

This year is very crucial to us because the most important part about introducing new technologies into the retail space is the relationship we may have with our customers. How we will partner together to develop and maintain the right solution for end customer and the brand is our momentous mission.

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