Logistics is the last link in the distribution chain, yet it occupies a central and crossroads position within companies as new challenges and distribution schemes are imposed on retailers.
In recent years, the advent of e-commerce has led to an explosion in the number of marketplaces. In response to this platform-driven phenomenon , ten of the biggest players have developed their own. Range extension, better product availability, increased sales, competitive markdowns... many players can see a lot of benefits in them. For retailers, many questions remain: how to join a Marketplace, which one to choose? Should they simply create their own?
Portrait of Marion Riffard, mentor on Paris Retail Week 2024

2024 mentor: Marion RIFFARD

Marion RIFFARD, Supply Chain Director for Courir, is the 2024 mentor for the business issue "Logistics".

She will be giving a talk on the subject during the show and will be producing a podcast which will be available shortly.
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