Implementing an omnichannel strategy is nowadays a must for companies wishing to optimise their customer knowledge, their path, the management of their stocks but also the cohesion of their teams.
While the textile and high-tech sectors are offering new alternatives for consumption and sustainability (hire, second-hand, on-demand products, etc.), other sectors are having to move away from traditional retail and revisit their model. In this context, how do you make the transition, set up responsible customer journeys and find solutions that offer speed and agility ?
Portrait of Lisa Nakam, mentor on Paris Retail Week 2024

2024 mentor: Lisa NAKAM

Lisa NAKAM, Managing Director of Jonak, is the 2024 mentor for the business issue "Omnichannel Commerce".

She will be giving a talk on the subject during the event and will be producing a podcast, which will be available shortly.
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Solutions workshops programme

A number of Solutions Workshops were held at the show around this theme:

  • How can B2B eCommerce become a real vector for development and operational excellence?
  • In-store screens : what's the trend in terms of digital communication at the point of sale ?
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omnichannel commerce -related exhibitors

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54% of visitors surveyed said that omnichannel commerce is a relevant theme for their business (source : visitor surveys).

(source: visitor surveys).