Discover the interview of Anthony DELVALLE, Managing Director of Comarch France
Portrait of Comarch France

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

There are so many! Here are just a few of the innovations I've noticed. First, the enhanced customer experience. Retailers are increasingly seeking to offer an exceptional shopping experience by integrating technologies such as augmented reality. They are also investing in customer journey optimization, with an emphasis on personalization and transaction speed.

Another point I've observed concerns e-commerce. With more and more consumers making online purchases, omnichannelity has become a must-have in recent years. However, this is still far from being a reality for most brands and retailers. We are therefore seeing an acceleration on the part of retailers to adopt omnichannel approaches, integrating their online and offline channels to offer a coherent, fluid experience. Click and collect, same-day delivery and simplified returns are now commonplace strategies!

Of course, Artificial Intelligence is also playing an increasingly important role in retail. Retailers are using AI to analyze customer data, forecast trends by producing recommendation engines, optimize inventories, better personalize product recommendations or even automate certain tasks.

Physical stores are constantly evolving to offer interactive and immersive experiences: we speak of connected stores. Technologies such as IoT sensors, geolocation and mobile applications enable retailers to provide contextual information, targeted promotions and personalized recommendations to customers while they're in-store. In-store mobility is also an increasingly common response to the need for better inventory management.

Consumers are also increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases. Retailers are responding to this trend by adopting sustainable practices, offering more environmentally-friendly products and communicating transparently about their social responsibility initiatives. Retailers will opt for paperless coupons and vouchers. This also ties in with what we're doing with Comarch to dematerialize documents and invoices.

What are the features of your solution, and who is it aimed at?

Our solutions have many features!

In the case of our Unified Commerce Platform, it has the capacity to manage a central ERP, a store ERP and a store front office in an omnichannel way. It also offers real system flexibility, adapting to hybrid models (franchisees, affiliates, proprietary networks, etc.). It is, of course, API-enabled and open.

For the Customer Engagement Platform, the main feature is the very powerful rules engine (virtually unlimited) coupled with the omnichannel promotion engine (which sets us apart from our competitors). Comarch is capable of handling huge volumes. It is also multi-country and multi-brand.

In short, the common features of both platforms are complete lifecycle management, omnichannel capability and integration with external partners.

In terms of our targets, Comarch is present in all types of sectors: food, luxury and premium retailers, as well as franchises and our own stores... However, we give priority to specialized ETI and key account chains.

What does Paris Retail Week represent for your business this year?

Paris Retail Week is a great opportunity for Comarch to present our retail solutions, forge partnerships and meet potential customers. We also really appreciate this kind of event for exchanging knowledge with other key players in the industry, and for keeping abreast of the latest developments.

For this 2023 edition, we'll be pleased to present our new Comarch Web POS solution, the all-OS (Windows, Android, IOS...) agnostic Comarch POS system that completes the Comarch in-store solutions suite.

We will also be presenting our new loyalty solution "Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud", the cloud-based customer engagement solution for small and medium-sized businesses that combines transactional, relational and business intelligence.

As the event is a must-attend, it also enables Comarch to reinforce its visibility, promote its offerings and clearly position itself as a provider of innovative retail solutions. We want to take advantage of this event to promote our 2 flagship solutions for retailers: our Customer Engagement platform and our Unified Commerce platform.