Discover the interview of Sebastian DUQUE, Head of Southern Europe at Insider
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What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

Today's consumers are more aware than ever of their purchasing behavior and expectations. They have specific requirements in terms of price, ingredients, delivery options, production methods, customer experience and much more. They also expect a seamless experience between online and offline commerce, and vice versa.

This is why multi-channel marketing no longer works. Marketing departments need a different strategy that enables them to meet customers where they are, and respond to their expectations while achieving sales targets.

This is where cross-channel marketing comes in. To nurture their customers effectively, brands need to offer a consistent image and message across all their channels. Customers need to have the same perception of the brand wherever they find you, whether it's on their site, messaging or Instagram. This cross-channel marketing approach helps to reinforce brand consistency and awareness, while ensuring that the customer knows exactly what to expect from your brand, helping to build trust.

What are the features of your solution, and who is it aimed at?

Insider's centralized platform creates cross-channel experiences by combining data with AI-powered personalization and messaging. It enables marketers, ecommerce and CRM specialists to deliver seamless customer experiences that build loyalty and drive growth.

With Insider, brands can centralize all their customer data in a single point, giving them a clear and precise view of each customer - including their interests, present and future needs.

including interests, present and future needs, preferred point of contact. This makes it easy to launch personalized, cross-channel campaigns and create a seamless, consistent customer experience.

More than 1,200 brands worldwide trust us - from fast-growing startups to the largest corporations, and use our platform to gain a 360° view of each customer and build personalized, cross-channel customer experiences.

What does Paris Retail Week mean for your business this year?

We're looking forward to meeting the leaders in marketing, ecommerce and digital to discuss trends in our sector and help them optimize their martech stack and make it more profitable.

In an uncertain economic climate, we're delighted to be able to demonstrate that, with the right tools, it's possible to generate more value, improve sales and customer loyalty, while spending less in the long run.