Discover the interview of Julien PAPARONE, Head of Innovation, Skeepers

Portrait of Skeepers

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

In an economic climate prone to inflation, the content generated by a company and its products/services is crucial. On the one hand, consumers are looking for ever richer and more qualitative information. On the other, brands no longer hesitate to vary their formats to convince and retain their customers. At Avis Vérifiés by Skeepers, we now cover the entire UGC spectrum, collecting text, photo and video testimonials from an informed and enlightened audience. By delegating the moderation of this content to an AI, our brands can focus on the essentials and build a 5-star customer relationship. As for the distribution of these UGCs, they circulate freely on the Internet to support and accelerate buyers' decision-making.

What are the features of your solution, and who is it aimed at?

The Avis Vérifiés by Skeepers solution allows you to take the pulse of customer sentiment, thanks to authentic reviews, so you can manage your e-reputation and offer better products and services. The added value of our solution is manifold: customer reassurance, e-reputation control, increased visibility, improved sales performance, as well as improved products, services and customer experience. Our solution is aimed at all types of B2C, B2B and B2B2C companies with a strong need to improve their e-reputation, visibility and overall sales performance. We work with e-tailers, using all types of distribution systems such as Prestashop, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Salesforce Commerce Cloud and also retailers who collect data in-store. We operate in all sectors, in particular health & beauty, fashion, sports equipment & entertainment, home & decoration, banking, insurance and energy.

What does Paris Retail Week mean for your business this year?

For Avis Vérifiés by Skeepers, participation in Paris Retail Week is of the utmost importance. It offers us an exceptional platform for exchanging ideas with prospects, customers and major industry players. We'll have the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions that enable companies to better understand and optimize their customer relationships. It will also enable us to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new strategic collaborations. All in all, Paris Retail Week represents a catalyst for our growth and an opportunity to stay at the forefront of market trends and needs.