Learn how to maximize your visibility during Paris Retail Week. Strategies to stand out from other exhibitors, draw attention to your booth and effectively engage your target audience.


Banner on the website

On-site banner

Your banner visible on every page of one of the 5 most visited pages of the website (excluding home page).


  • Banner supplied by you in FR and/or EN
  • Format: 250 x 250 px, jpeg or animated gif + redirect link
  • € 1,800 excl. tax
  • Visibility until end of September 2024
Plan on the floor

Orientation plan

Drive visitors to your stand.

Orientation maps are located at strategic points throughout the show and will be integrated into your visitor tools.


  • Four-color logo: €1,200 excl.tax
  • Company name in bold red: € 131 excl. tax
Floor tile

Floor tiles

Your visual with your stand number and an arrow pointing to your stand to guide visitors.


  • Dimensions: 0.80 x 0.80 m
  • Visual with stand number JPEG HD to be supplied by the sponsor
  • € 2,200 excl. tax
Logo on aisle letters

Logo on aisle letters

Display your logo and stand number on hanging aisle letters


HD JPEG logo to be supplied by sponsor


  • 13 aisle letters (A to M)
  • € 4,000 excl.tax
  • 2 SPONSORS (1 on each side )


sold-out necklaces for visitors

Lanyard - sold out

Promote your image throughout the 3-day thanks to the presence of your logo on this essential trade show support


  • Self-service distribution at the show entrance
  • Co-branded by sponsor and/or organizer
  • 11,000 copies supplied by sponsor
  • € 8 000 excl. tax
Keynote used during a conference


Seize a unique opportunity to reach all participants by hosting a keynote in the plenary hall.


  • 450-seat plenary room: 220 visitors per conference on average
  • Showcase your expertise through inspiring content and dynamic presentation
  • € 12 500 excl.tax




  • Highlighted and promoted by Paris Retail Week to the show's communities (visibility on the event website, online program, social network posts and newsletters)
  • A limited number of keynotes
  • Recovery of leads scanned at the entrance to the hall on request (contact details in compliance with RGPD: e-mail addresses and telephone numbers)
  • Recording and editing of your keynote replay
  • Use of the fully-equipped plenary room
  • Duration 30 minutes



Workshop sponsoring panel


Associate your image with the expert workshops and boost your visibility by dressing the entrance to the workshop rooms with your logo.


  • 9 workshop rooms excluding the plenary hall
  • + 17 workshops per room per day
  • Over the 3 days of the show
  • € 3700 excl.tax
  • For one room over 3 days
  • 10 sponsors




  • € 21000 excl.tax
  • For all rooms 1 sponsor
Visitors wearing headphones during a workshop

Solutions workshops

Give a 45-minute presentation of your products/solutions and take advantage of the show's audience.

Come and present a case study with a customer (retailer) to boost your audience and strengthen your relationship with your customer!




  • Highligted and promoted by Paris Retail Week to the show's communities (visibility on the event's website, online program, post on social networks and newsletters).
  • Provision of technical equipment in the hall
  • Pick-up of scanned leads at hall entrance on request (details of contact details in compliance with RGPD regulations)


Exhibitor rates:

  • € 3,400 excl. tax (or included in the Gold Pack)
  • € 2,882 excl. tax for any additional workshop


Non-exhibitor rates:

  • € 5,000 excl tax for 1 workshop
  • € 9,500 excl tax  for 2 workshops