Discover the winners of the Paris Retail Awards 2023, rewarded for their innovation in the retail and e-commerce industry.


NAIZ FIT - Size Form & Smart Catalogue

The evolution of the size&fit recommendation to put an end to size and fit issues once and for all. We achieve maximum size and fit accuracy by analyzing the customer's garments and body morphology to understand the perfect size for each body type, with the greatest precision on the market. All this while recovering data to solve worries throughout the fashion value chain.


INGENICO - Ingenico's Biometric Solution: payment by the veins in the palm of the hand

Ingenico, the world leader in payment acceptance solutions, and Fujitsu Frontech North America (FFNA), through their Fulcrum Biometrics subsidiary, have collaborated and created the world's most secure and accurate biometric payment solution, based on palm vein identification. This innovation enables merchants to speed up payment, minimize the risk of fraud and streamline the customer shopping experience.


POTIONS - Personalizing the online experience without cookies

Potions is the first player on the market capable of personalizing online shopping journeys without using cookies. Our unique technology is a forward-looking alternative for e-tailers faced with the announced end of cookies. In addition to respecting the privacy of Internet users, this personalization innovation has the advantage of being extremely high-performance technically, and of generating up to +25% revenue per user for e-retailers who use it.



At Foxintelligence we help brands and retailers gain a 360° view of their online market, customers and competitors thanks to e-receipts collected from our panel of over +5M e-shoppers worldwide. Last November we launched Ecommerce Now™. The only panel based on billions of transactions, whose collection is automatic, anonymous and exhaustive, and which offers up-to-date market analysis in real time.


ELYN - Elyn Return Management

Elyn revolutionizes the experience of returning a product Our SaaS return management solution automates exchanges for product variants or different items, including items with different prices, creating an upselling opportunity at the return phase. This novel approach converts refund requests into new sales, effectively reducing refund rates by up to 40%. By seamlessly integrating automated exchanges, Elyn empowers brands to enhance customer satisfaction and drive significant revenue growth.


PACVUE - Pacvue Commerce and Ads Integrated Suite

Pacvue Commerce is the first-to-market integrated software solution for all-in-one Amazon seller and vendor business management. This powerful solution allows 1P and 3P brands on Amazon to manage their inventory, sales, and profits in real time, giving them complete control over their business operations. Pacvue's Commerce Rule Library allows for brands to automate advertising decisions based on real time sales and operations data such as buybox ownership, available inventory or review count.


EACH ONE - All-in-One: inclusive recruitment solution for companies, refugees and newcomers

Each One is an award-winning mission-driven company for its turnkey All-in-One recruitment and training solution dedicated to refugees and newcomers, audiences far from employment, specializing in the Retail sector. Each One has been developing inclusive recruitment and inclusion and diversity training programs for companies since 2015, to positively transform them and help them take concrete action, while improving their performance.


PICKEOS - Optistock

Optistock helps optimize the picking circuit by making stock rotations at each location visual. Performance in order-picking depends on the quality of stock layout. With OptiStock, in just one click, the Led Pickeos picking system visually displays picking frequencies in the warehouse: high rotations in green, low rotations in red...Aisle by aisle, facing the product, the operator can immediately relocate his stocks to optimize his pickings.



Nricher markets an AI for Category Managers that analyzes their catalogs and those of their competitors in real time to identify "catalog holes" based on sales trends. Our algorithms identify customer needs, so the CatMan adapts its offer and gains market share. Without this exhaustive vision of their market, they miss out on opportunities: up to 20% additional sales!