Discover the 5th episode 2023 of our podcast: 'The Voices of E-commerce' by Armelle PATAULT, Head of Data Science at ManoMano.
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We want to provide our users with recommendations for similar or complementary products. And thanks to machine learning, we can build algorithms that detect relevant products recommended to our users. And that's what the team will do next, create these algorithms and then put them into production so that they are displayed to our users."

Discover the 6th episode 2023 of our podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce"

  • What is the current positioning of the brand?
  • How did you compose your team and what is the scope of your missions?
  • What role does Data play at ManoMano today?
  • Tell us about your perspective on artificial intelligence. Is it an existential risk for Humanity?

Discover the answers to these questions by listening to our sixth episode 2023 of our Podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce".

We have the pleasure of meeting Armelle PATAULT, Head of Data Science at ManoMano, a French marketplace specializing in DIY and gardening. She will talk to us about the current positioning of the brand, as well as its thematic data strategy that she embodies as a mentor for the 2023 edition of the fair. Armelle will also share her perspective on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Finally, she will tell us how she gains perspective and where she finds her inspiration.

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