Discover the 7th episode 2023 of our podcast: 'The Voices of E-commerce' by Arthur CARON, Supply Chain Director at MONOPRIX.
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It is time to return to basics, namely, understanding what customers want, what they need, and, in the form of an inverted pyramid, simply channeling merchandise into stores, collaborating easily with our suppliers, seeking performance, and not complicating things with very exotic flows, products, and assortments. Let's get back to basics, with the customer at the forefront."

Discover the 7th episode 2023 of our podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce"

  • What has been the evolution of the Supply Chain and what does it look like today?
  • Given changes in consumption habits (pandemic, inflation, etc.), what is Monoprix's strategy?
  • What actions has Monoprix implemented in terms of CSR ?
  • Tell us about the brand's development projects.

Discover the answers to these questions by listening to our seventh episode 2023 of our Podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce"

We have the pleasure of meeting Arthur CARON, Supply Chain Director at Monoprix, a French retail chain. He will discuss the scope of his missions, the current positioning of the brand, the evolution of its supply chain, and its CSR commitments. Arthur will also share the challenges he faces in the current context and how he manages to gain perspective.

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