Discover the 2nd episode 2023 of our podcast "Les Voix du E-commerce" (in French) by Emma RECCO – General Manager Strategy and Development at IKEA France.
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In each episode, an expert will share his or her experience and best practices on one of these topics, which he or she is mentoring at Paris Retail Week.

  • What is the brand model, which has today 36 points of sales?
  • How did IKEA France build its omnichannel strategy centered on the web?
  • Is the CSR dimension important in the development of its omnichannel logistics?
  • What are the next development strategies for IKEA France ?

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We have the pleasure of meeting Emma RECCO, General Manager in charge of development strategy at IKEA France, the Swedish company specializing in furniture and home decor. In this podcast, Emma will discuss the French positioning of the brand as well as its omnichannel strategy, a topic she champions as a mentor for the 2023 edition of the trade show. She will also talk about the CSR challenges and development projects of the brand. Finally, she will share where she draws her sources of inspiration.

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#lesvoixduecommerce #podcast #ecommerce #omnichannel #CSR #IKEA