Discover the 9th episode 2023 of our podcast: 'The Voices of E-commerce' by Francis BAREL – Director of PayPal France.
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PayPal, we really try to optimize the customer experience to the point that sometimes we don't even need the password because we have identified the consumer before they can finalize the transaction."

Discover the 9th episode 2023 of our podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce"

  • What is the DNA of the PayPal brand?
  • As a privileged observer of commerce, tell us about the major trends you have observed in 2023?
  • Tell us about the solutions that PayPal offers to address this economic context that is challenging for both merchants and consumers.
  • What advice do you have for retailers in 2023?

Discover the answers to these questions by listening to our ninth episode 2023 of our Podcast: "The Voices of E-commerce". We have the pleasure of meeting Francis BAREL, Director of PayPal France, an American company offering an online payment service system worldwide

During this podcast, Francis will talk about consumer behavior in this inflationary context and the major trends to observe. We will discuss the solutions offered by PayPal to address this challenging situation. Finally, he will provide some advice regarding his profession.

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